Nikia Village | Nysiros, Greece

Nika is a small, authentic and fully restored village on the island of Nisyros. I was told this is the most beautiful village on the island which is partially true in my opinion.  If you get to Nikia by car or motorbike, you will park at the parking at the beginning of the village then walk to curvy and narrow streets of Nikia. Make sure you check out the viewpoints offering unique views over the Stefanos crater and from a different angle than the views from Emporios. The village square is your next stop which has bars and restaurants and also hosts Presentation of Virgin Mary church and it is paved with black volcanic pebble. If you plan to stay in Nikia there is one hotel at the parking area also you can walk up to the Monastery of Panagia Kyra from here, which is quite a steep walk. Instead of photos we took video footage of Nikia, please see it below.

Greece, Nikia, Nisyros

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