Lies Beach and Pachia Ammos Beach | Nisyros, Greece

Lies Beach and Pachia Ammos Beach are the best beaches on the island of Nisyros. They are about 30 minutes drive from Mandraki along the coast. Once you park your car at the end of the paved road walk on the small pathway towards Lies beach. Lies beach is the first beach you are going to see, Pachia Ammos beach is about 15 minutes walk across the mountain. Both beaches have wonderful, small volcanic pebbles which comes off very easily, yet you do not need water shoes to walk on them.  Both beaches are frequented by naturists so I made this video very early in the morning when the beaches are relatively empty. Funny enough there are people camping on Pachia Ammos beach overnight so it is never really deserted unless the weather conditions are turning bad. The video below features both beaches and the way to get there. Let’s the video show you how cool these beaches are.

We also took a few photos on the way…

Greece, Nisyros

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