How do We travel

This article will explain how do we do travelling. I wouldn’t classify ourselves to budget traveller but we still have a monthly budget to spend from. We decided that we will not spend more than €2000/month this includes, trips, accommodation, food but there is an emergency budget of an additional €500 in case we would have to get out of somewhere quick and should pay for more expensive means of travel such as flying.

We also work while we are travelling and I am sure there are many other out there doing exactly the same thing. We will look at cities, countries with the eyes of an expat and with the mind of a tourist. Remember the primary reason why we are here is that it gets bloody cold in Hungary and We just do not want to be “locked up” in the room in the -15 degrees celsius for months.

It is very important for us to have quality accommodation which doesn’t necessarily means that we pay for expensive accommodation as there are many good hotels on a very good price. It is a must to have the following things though:

– Free Wifi as we do work over the internet while travelling
– Hot Water
– Clean and decent room
– Balcony as we do not like smoking inside ( now this is very complicated to have in bigger cities )

We use and google extensively to find top rated and cheap hotels before we arrive to a specific location. If there is nothing to be found we just walk around and find something once we are there. In Laos it was kind of difficult to find anything online up until now. The other countries we previously visited were a lot easier from this point of view

The other thing is that We LOVE cities and civilization and crowd… not too much cut out for staying in remote villages and trying to experience some place not very touristic and see how the local people live. Therefore do not expect us to report from a remote jungle 🙂 It is very important for us to be able to walk down to the shop in less than 10 minutes, have a couple of restaurants around.

We will visit many temples, monuments, places of interest, etc but we will not visit all of them and sometimes we just take a break to stay in the room and be on the internet for all day or just cook Hungarian food and drink a couple of bottles of wine as we are not in a rush 🙂 Visiting monuments and temples is very tiring after a while believe me.

We will try travel using the cheapest means of transportation however if the journey takes longer than 10 hours we will consider taking a flight.
If there are a few euros difference between taking a slow, smelly, local bus and taking a proper air-conditioned minivan we will take the latter.

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