What to do when my GoPro overheats?

I recently started taking longer walking videos. Typically one video would be 45-70 minutes in length that requires the GoPro to record continuously for more than an hour. The fact that I was recording in 30C+ degrees outside temperature obviously didn’t help much.

Because of the long recording hours I ordered some cheaper aftermarket batteries online so I can swap them and continue filming even when the original battery dies. What has surprised me is that the GoPro overheats much faster when I use the original battery as opposed to using the aftermarket ones.

I guess you have been in that situation when your GoPro turns off automatically in the middle of recording and even if you keep trying to turn it back on it will only record for a minute or two then turns off again.

The easiest fix for this issue is to simply change the batteries. Just replace the battery and boom your GoPro will start recording again.

In conclusion an expensive action cam like GoPro should be able to withstand the heat and NOT die on us in the middle of recording due to overheating…


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